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What is 

Slotting Fee?

Brands pay more money to retailers to place their products in premium placements such as the eye-level rack.

How is it


What is the


Prone to fraud

Lack of real-time monitoring

Potential loss of revenue opportunity

Identification Solution TITLE-white.png

Next time

A.I. integration allows the system to identify points of customer’s face

Then the system will give each customer a unique ID

When the customer comes back, the system can re-ID them access their historical information through their unique ID

We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP)

Our system does not store:

Customer's face

Customer's name



AI solution that revolutionizes the shopping experience by allowing customers to digitally visualize and try on products in real-time, providing them with an immersive and accurate representation of how the items will look and fit

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